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Introduction Siddharth Geo Consultants

Mineral resources are the essential material on which human advancement depends however in the meantime expanding utilization of resources day by day, is a danger to earth, driving it to be dreadful. The idea of harmony, bringing about feasible improvement between an insightful Prospecting, investigation and national utilization of mineral resorces and their Conservation in the nation has brought the firm Siddharth Geo experts into being.

Siddharth Geo consultants is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified firm and registered under the registered firm and societies vid no. 366 Dated 31/3/2006, Government of Chhattisgarh and in the year 2011 Siddharth Geo Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. (ISO 9001:2008) was introduced as the sister concern of the Siddharth Geo Consultants.

Then onwards Siddharth Geo Consultants and Siddharth Geo Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. are working together in their national and international projects.